Our Clearance Services:
IT-Green operates a fleet of vehicles licensed for the transportation of Hazardous Waste. Our facility is licensed as an Authorised Treatment facility for the processing of Hazardous e-Waste and other business wastes.

UK Office Clearance Solutions

IT-Green provides an office clearance service for businesses throughout the UK. The service incorporates

  • A team of trained employees, plant and transportation
  • Will remove any assets deemed as being redundant
  • The removal of a single item to numerous tonnes
  • Clears fully fitted offices, industrial sites, shops, restraunts or bars
  • Most full clearances takes between 2 and 3 days.

Our service:

  • Removes the need for multiple contractors
  • Provides a cost effective solution
  • Removes the need for skip hire and the use of office personnel

As an established B2B service provider we understand the need for confidentiality when dealing with business waste. We offer a service that ensures the security of confidential media and it's complete destruction:

  • Industry standard Destruction of Computer Media
  • Shredding of Paper media
  • Licensed under the data Protection act
  • No Sub-contracting of work

With a permanent workforce dedicated to the clearance of business premises, we provide a thorough health and safety system and maintain a zero incident rate by:

  • Employee health and safety training
  • Provision of suitable PPE for all employees working on site
  • Provision of Method statements and risk assesments for works
  • Public Liability Insurance to £10 million
  • Employers Liability insurance to: £1 million
  • Product Liability insurance to: £1 million

A complete office clearance service should be just that. We believe that in providing a service, you should be able to instruct us and leave us to get the job done. Our office clearance service provides:

  • Removal of WEEE (electronic/ electrical waste)- IT, white goods, vending machines, plant, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Removal of fixtures & fittings- shelves, racks, cabinets, floating floors, server rooms.
  • Removal of office furniture- desks, chairs, partitions, etc.
  • Removal of off-lease equipment- printers, photocopiers, etc.
  • waste treatment- see below.
  • Destruction of confidential media (both computer and Paper)- see below.
  • Rubbish clearance- see below.
  • Removal of cables & trunking.
  • Cleaning of floors.
  • Post clearance audit with client.

IT-Green provides Businesses with an ethical recycling route for redundant assets. We also believe that cost savings should be passed on to clients through the provision of a full end to end service and have developed our own waste treatment facility to handle:

  • Obsolete IT and Waste Electronics: Dismantling of WEEE for raw resources.
  • Destroy data: Wiping & destroying computer media.
  • Shred confidential Waste: We shred your waste paper.
  • Recycle obsolete furniture and find new homes for any in good condition.
Our Recycling Services:

Document Shredding
IT Recycling
Office Clearances
Industrial Clearances

What We recycle:
E-waste/ IT
Flourescent Tubes
Toner Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges
Mobile phones
Industrial Plant
Head Office

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